Technical Mass Management - M³

Your individual solution for light weight engineering

M³ is our solution for fast and easy management of mass properties like mass, center of gravity and moments of inertia. With M³ effective weight management individually customized to your requirements is a piece of cake.


Key features:

  • Reduction of weight with reliable data in early project phases
  • Ongoing control and analysis of mass properties over the complete product lifecycle
  • Improvement of quality due to companywide availability
  • Special industry features e.g. calculation of axle, seat layout, or flight conditions
  • Tracing of changes and change impact analysis
  • Management of related documents
  • Consideration risks and opportunities
  • Integration to your CAD and/or PLM infrastructure
  • Management of materials, suppliers, versions, functional structures, load cases, projects etc.


Mass Management M³ is the future solution to solve the challenges of mass management and light weight engineering!


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