M³ Mass Management

You have problems with the weight? You are not alone. For example, we professionally deal with the weight of airplanes, helicopters, trains or other technical products. Because lightweight construction is in vogue and plays an important role, in the context of electromobility or in the sparing use of resources. Product weight is a decisive factor in many respects. Not only material costs have to be taken into account, but also the mass properties and the effects of the weight of components of a complex product on its focus, acoustics, driving and flight dynamics, etc..

We at Bertrandt Systems & Consulting GmbH (previously known as usb) are happy to provide advice. Contact us: sales@usb-muc.de.

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Weight under Control

Mass Management M3

Since 2005, we have been working intensively on the topic of weight, first as part of a research project and later in cooperation with our customers. However, our focus is not on researching new materials or production processes. We are taking care of mass as part of product data and – as part of Product Lifecyle Managements (PLM) – control of mass properties with:

  • The global adn standardized administration of mass properties
  • Die analysis and calulation of mass properties
  • A reliable forecast of the mass properties already in the offer phase
  • Consideration of risks and potentials from current or previous projects

M³ Weightmanagement

We advise you on the introduction or optimisation of weight management in your company.

But we don’t stop with the advice. If required, we can also offer you our self-developed Software M³ .  This is a database-supported tool that allows central administration and analysis of weight data..

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M³ Software in international use

Since 2015, M3 has been used successfully by Bombardier Transportation GmbH at all locations worldwide. The tool, specially developed for technical weight management, supports the global manufacturer of rail vehicles in managing and controlling the weight characteristics of all products throughout their entire life cycle.

In addition, M3 also meets industry-specific requirements. This includes, for example, the configuration of trains with bodies and bogies. All these services would hardly be representable with a program for spreadsheets or also with the usual project management systems.

The reason for the purchase and use of the weight management software was the growing requirements from the collaboration in engineering and production across several countries. With M3, Bombardier will also be able to comply with the relevant legislation and the associated documentation requirements in each nation.

                                   .M3 im Einsatz bei Bombardier Transportation GmbH

(Best Practice)

“Thanks to M3 we finally no longer have countless individual Excel lists, but all the necessary information for all employees in one system, including the change history,” Kirstin Töpfer, Team Lead for Weight Management BT Hennigsdorf and Deputy Head of Weight Performance at Bombardier Transportation GmbH, was pleased to report shortly after the introduction of the versatile weight management tool.

The services of Bertrandt Systems & Consulting within the framework of the project:

  • Introduction of a central tool for weight management
  • Adaptation of the tool to BT’s processes
  • User training on the tool and processes in BT