CMPIC Certification courses 1-4

CMPIC stands for Configuration Management Process Improvement Center (CMPIC LLC), and  provides certification and training in configuration management (CM) to those who need a thorough understanding of configuration management, process improvement, error reduction, implementation options, and the latest CM standards & requirements. CMPIC courses teach CM in accordance with current, internationally accepted and DoD adopted, industry standards.

The CM Certification series provides a solid foundation in configuration management to all those who need a thorough understanding of configuration management principles, processes, tools, workflows, and how to achieve integration to provide an effective and efficient enterprise.

Bertrandt Systems & Consulting (formerly usb) is the exclusive European Training Center of CMPIC and offers the courses 1-4 in German and English language.


in total 8 days, it can be booked as 2 modules, each 4 days

The current schedule, prices and an online registration can be found at our partner Bertrandt Academy, see here: courses 1+2 / courses 3+4 oder simply write an E-Mail to

Course 1: CM-Foundation

The two-day Configuration Management Foundations course provides a high level overview of the role of configuration management as it relates to assuring conformance in regards to products and processes. It also discusses the history of CM, the logic behind CM, the various elements of CM (planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification and audit). It also reviews various government and industry approaches to CM as well as various perceptions associated with CM.

Course 2: CM Identification

The two-day course Configuration Management Identification (formerly titled “CM Structures”) course provides the details associated with that element of CM known as Identification. It begins with various industry standard views of what “identification” is and continues with detailed views of product structuring in various environments. The course also addresses baselines, identifiers, re-identification and more. Additionally, the elements of CM known as Status Accounting and Verification and Audit will be discussed in this course. We review various industry standard definitions of these elements as well. In all cases we will address best practices for implementing all the above various elements of CM. The role of automated tools in helping manage various aspects of these elements of CM will also be discussed.

Course 3: CM- Change Mangagement

The two-day Configuration Change Management course provides in-depth details associated with that element of CM known as Configuration Change Management. It covers the full spectrum from change proposal to change disposition to change implementation using what CMPIC believes to be the best practices model for understanding this complex subject. Details will cover change workflow, change forms, change boards, change tracking, metrics and more. The role of automated tools in helping manage various aspects of Configuration Change Management will also be discussed.

Course 4: CM Implementation

The two-day Configuration Management Implementation course addresses Configuration Management Planning and Management. It discusses CM Planning as well as CM plans. The roles of all individuals involved in CM including customers and suppliers will also be presented. It also addresses planning for CM in development projects as well as the planning for CM in COTS environment. The course then will review how to assess an organization’s CM processes, the role of automated tools in overall, CM process implementation, and dealing with an organization’s people and culture to successfully get buy-in for future CM process improvements.