As a consultancy company regardless of manufacturer we understand ourselves within the meaning of the word, i.e. we will always keep your requirements and your product in mind and we will not just sell you expensive software.

The services of Bertrandt Systems & Consulting (previously usb) help to define, implement and optimize processes in the area of product lifecycle management and to improve business profit. This is what usb stands for.

Three steps to make the success of a project measurable:

  1. The assessment helps to identify critical business problems by defining suitable performance characteristics in order to draw up a project plan for the achievement of target values.
  2. Product lifecycle management solutions are normally implemented within 12 to 16 weeks.
  3. The level of the achievement of objectives is acquired by measuring performance and by comparing predefined characteristics.

The services of Bertrandt Systems & Consulting can be classified in the following categories:

  • Counseling, conception and realization of PLM projects
  • Counseling in the area of configuration and requirement management on different levels
  • Execution of configuration management projects
  • Execution of software development projects
  • Execution of trainings in the area of PLM

In all categories the following services are addressed according to tasks:

  • Process consultation & analysis
  • Formulation & creation of policies, to-be concepts & target specifications
  • Selection of new IT systems, integration of existing systems
  • Implementation
  • Installation, configuration & customizing of IT systems
  • Testing
  • Supervision & support

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