CM: A curse or a blessing?

Gesetzeskonform mit Konfigurationsmanagement

A lean CM that integrates all departments, with all the necessary processes, methods and tools, cost-efficient and legally compliant? No problem.

In recent years, companies have been confronted with increasingly stringent legal requirements, for example in connection with statutory warranties, mandatory product recalls or the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG), to name just a few of the framework conditions that should be strategically taken into account in product engineering.

Companies must be able to prove the traceability of developments and changes to products at all times. And even if products remain on the market for a long time, their subsequent disposal and the circular economy must be already taken into account during the design and development phase.

Complete and consistent configuration management ensures seamless documentation throughout the entire product life cycle – not a chore, but a blessing, especially when the legislator demands proof. Bertrandt Systems & Consulting strives for configuration management as an all-round service that saves resources and is sustainable, according to the motto: “As little CM as possible, as much CM as necessary”.