CMPIC Course 7 “CM Assessor Certification”

Configuration Management ist eine wichtige Managementdisziplin.

Configuration Management is an important management discipline.
Starting next year, usb GmbH will offer this advanced course.

It is aimed at configuration management (CM) professionals who are responsible for improving CM processes in their company. The course teaches assessment techniques that can be used to uncover deficiencies in existing processes and identify areas for improvement.

The assessment techniques use a comparative approach, comparing current practices in all major elements of CM to internationally recognized industry best practices as defined in the recently updated SAE-EIA-649 Rev C standard for configuration management. Participants will also learn about other key industry standards and quality initiatives such as ANSI/EIA-649, CMMI, ITIL, MIL-HDBK-61 that may be referenced in assessments.

During this course, participants will actively plan and prepare an assessment using a realistic scenario and prepare the corresponding assessment report to gain a hands-on experience. The skills learned in this course will provide a solid foundation for conducting future assessments that will enable them to drive CM process improvements.