LIBRAVATION – The new weight database

In close cooperation with the company DIEHL Aviation Laupheim GmbH we were able to create the database LIBRAVATION. This application is a central part of Lightweigt Engineering, which is of great importance in aviation. Especially the challenges of climate change require to reduce the weight of every single component.

The tool LIBRAVATION, developed by us, integrates the weight data from various company applications, so that the weight can be calculated and controlled centrally. Especially for the company DIEHL we implemented a web-based application using the latest technologies, which is cloud-ready and therefore represents a long-term investment in the future. The basis for this software is our mass management software M³, which we offer as a standard solution.

With our Know-HOW and your requirements, we can gladly support you in this area. If we have aroused your interest, you can obtain further information about our M³ weight management here or call us at the following number +49 (89) 928 04 0.