Requirements Management

Requirement Management bedeutet Qualität sichern.

Our know-how also in the automotive industry.

Since march 2019, usb has been a subcontractor of our parent company Philotech and has assumed responsibility for requirements management in the highway pilot project of a major automotive company.

Below are the characteristics of requirements required by the new standards:

Requirements management includes:

  • the identification of all potential requirements,
  • the analysis of the indentified requirements according to their relevance and priority
  • the planning of the steps required for implementation, especially with regard to standards and legal requirements
  • the continuous status check of the requirements
  • the defenition, documentation and tracking of appropriate metrics, on the basis of which the so-called Requirements Assessment Document is checked.

The area of requirements management is becoming increasingly important with regard to the ever-increasing automation of development processes, as this is the only way to verifiably verify the results against the objectives.